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Day 4:  Make Your Success Roadmap / Prayer Board, Letter, and Powerful Declaration!
  •  How to leverage the power of visualization with your Vision / Prayer Board
  • ​Your “Declaration” attracts resources, clients, and creates unstoppable motivation
  • ​How to reframe your subconscious mind and live ON FIRE with your “letter”
  • ​Apply to be on the Hot Seat Here: 
  • Make your vision / prayer board – 3 Professional Goals & 3 Personal Goals – Win the Challenge by doing this by end of day Feb 1st
  • ​Declare your vision board picture on Facebook and share it in our Life on Fire Movement FB Group (public group)
  • ​Extra credit!  Declare your Success Roadmap / prayer board publicly on your PERSONAL FB timeline.  More people know = the more likely you are to achieve it.
  • ​Write your "Letter" to yourself:  Write it vividly & with emotion.  Write out what you WILL accomplish in 12 months.  Post in the FB Group!

Day 4 Hot Seat Replay!

  • How to clarify your vision & create specific goals
  • ​"Run towards the fire!"
  • Everyone starts from the SAME place! We are all beginners at one point or another 🙂
  • How to overcome procrastination once and for all!
  • ​Suuuper fun hot seat that impacted all of us on LIVE!
Mark Your Calendar!

•Wednesday Jan 26th at 7:00am PST + Hot Seat @ 11 am PST

• Friday Jan 28th at 7:00am PST + Hot Seat @ 11 am PST

• Monday Jan 31st at 7:00am PST + Hot Seat @ 11 am Pacific

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